Top Notch Bolivian Cocaine 98.3% Pure


Top Notch Bolivian Cocaine 98.3% Pure



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Bolivian Cocaine and Other Opioid Addiction

Bolivia is the third-largest producer of cocaine (Bolivian Cocaine) in the world behind only Colombia, and Peru. Almost all of the world’s cocaine is manufactured in the three Andean countries. Coca production has increased considerably in both areas. Both countries are sending growing quantities of their final goods to Europe, usually via Brazil or Argentina.

With regard to the manufacture and trafficking of narcotics, Bolivia shares several features with its neighbor Peru.

To begin with, cocaine production increased by 38% between 2000 and 2009 in Peru, but it only increased by more than 100% in Bolivia. Secondly, Bolivia also suffers from a significantly higher degree of domestic substance abuse than Peru does. The  Opiate, cocaine, cannabis, and amphetamine-type substance abuse statistics are two to six times higher in Bolivia than in Peru.

Coca, Cocaine, and the Reality of Bolivia

This volume explores the effect of coca and coca trade on Bolivia, the poorest and most vulnerable countries in South America.

Topics discussed include coca growers who have united to defend their livelihoods. Coca replacement projects that have not offered a viable alternative; and the oppressive legal and extra-legal apparatus that has been mobilized against growers.

Surprising studies show how coca production can be environmentally conservative. It can underpin traditional culture These initiatives, focusing on supply-side prohibition and eradication of coca, have had negative impacts within Bolivia, have weakened the relationship between Bolivia and the United States, and have been unsuccessful in stopping the flow of cocaine to consuming countries.

‘They’re not involved in ending drug trafficking’

Bolivia, Peru, and Colombia are all major producers of coca, the cocaine base product, and cocaine itself. The Bolivian government has adopted a unique approach to controlling drug production.


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